For the owners

Quick profit and high risk or long-term safe investment? Potential investors ask such questions. There are many ways to invest money in order to make profit. Buying the apartment for rent is at present one of the most popular and also the most dangerous ways to make money. If we would like to gain the long-term profit, it is worth taking into consideration this kind of investment. At the moment when the situation at the stock exchange is unsettled and the lower interests at bank deposits do not encourage to keep money on bank accounts, buying the apartment for rent seems to be a reasonable and safe way to earn money.

Our aim and quality

The magic of Cracow, its monuments and wonderful atmosphere make the city extremely attractive for both the tourists and the investors. Some years ago the purchase of the apartment in the city centre and renting it brought the owner a lot of profit. However, continuous increase of competitive companies made the situation worse. Nowadays even the luxury apartments with high standard need suitable and complex service and advertisement to be noticed and make profit.

To meet the guests’ rising expectations we offer the rent and service of high standard apartments in the centre of Cracow. At the moment we manage a lot of luxury apartments located in the centre of Cracow for instance in the Old Town, Downtown or in Kazimierz district. Our aim is to build the long-term relation with the owner of the property based on strong values: reliability, solidity and honesty. We believe these values are the basis of every good cooperation.

We work as a marketing agency specializing in short- and long-term apartment tenancy. Thanks to this we understand better business model of hotels and apartments. We advise how to choose the most effective communication channels with guests and to shape the transfer of information to gain the best effects of marketing campaigns. The fineness of tenancy is for us also well-considered and effective package of the product. Hence the professional website which is the most important marketing channel of Your apartment is necessary. We also guarantee our Customers such websites.

The benefits resulting from the cooperation with us

Making any decisions connected with managing the apartment we mainly take into consideration the owner’s financial profit so the increase of the income from the tenancy, the increase of the safety of tenancy and also we do our best to save the customer’s time.

Complex management of the long-term tenancy includes:
  • we actively search for the tenants with potential, interested in long-term tenancy
  • we select precisely potential tenants
  • we make the presentations of the apartments for interested investors
  • we appoint the price of the tenancy
  • we estimate the cost of any renovations
  • we set the date of the transaction
  • we sign the contract on behalf of the owner
  • we guarantee the legitimate safety at every stage of the cooperation
  • we carry out a precise inventory of the apartment
  • we help in interior design of the apartment
  • we pay the administrative fees on behalf of the owner
  • we provide the current service of the tenancy
  • we offer the service of regular cleaning
  • we immediately solve any problems
  • if necessary we make debt collectionwe terminate the contract of tenancy after the tenancy term and we account the deposit
Complex management of the short-term tenancy:
  • we continuously search for the tenants and we plan the strategy of the tenancy
  • we manage the reservations on many websites at the same time
  • we have e-marketing (advertisements on websites mediating in the tenancy)
  • we provide the check-in and check-out at the time adjusted to the customers’ needs (handing in and taking back the room keys)
  • we keep the regular phone and e-mail contact with our guests
  • we collect and account the deposit – we estimate the condition of the apartment on the basis of protocols
  • we provide the housekeeping service – professional cleaning of the apartments and preparing them for future guests
  • we use the services of professional laundry (washing and ironing the bedding and towels)
  • we account all the payments
  • we are in touch with the building administration
  • we provide the constant care of particular apartments and solve any reported problems
  • we organize trips to interesting places in the region (for instance The Salt Mine in Wieliczka, Auschwitz, Zakopane)
  • we provide the transport services (airport transfer) that can be booked on the phone or by e-mail

Who are our services aimed to?

Providing all our services we have always the same aim – to make our Customer satisfied with our service. We are extremely pleased with the fact that every day the number of owners giving their apartments in our hands is growing. Our priority is to purchase next apartments in modern housing estates and renovated tenement houses and the growing number of satisfied customers.

own the apartments for rent

appreciate the safety of investment

would like to earn money safely

are willing to invest money in properties in the area of Cracow

We invite You to the interview with our advisor if:

You would like to purchase the apartment for rent and You need help in choosing the investment and the way of funding it

You own the apartment and search for help in the service connected with the tenancy

You own the apartment in Cracow and You need help in searching for tenants

We invite You to the noncommittal interview with our consultant when we can meet Your expectations and solve any problems and doubts.

The cooperation with us is for You:
  • certainty and safety of the tenancy
  • safety of Your time
  • high rates of return of the tenancy or sale
  • no need to be involved in the process of tenancy and guest service
  • the guarantee of reliable tenants
  • regular cash flows